We welcome change, encourage invention
and continually seek better, more efficient
ways to achieve our goals.



We maintain the highest standards
and achieve them by continually measuring
and improving our outcomes.



We continually demonstrate our commitment
to our mission as a world-class leader in the
growing Cannabis industry and in all that we do.



We strive to exceed our customer’s expectations
in value, consistency and operational know-how.



We adhere to high moral principles and
professional standards by a commitment to honesty,
confidentiality, trust, respect and transparency.

HBH Industries Incorporated (HBH) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Monarch America Inc. HBH will specialize in cultivation facility leasing, property management, and equipment leasing to the medical and recreational marijuana sector.


Monarch America, Inc. brings sound management practice, operational systems and strict inventory controls to the most exciting business opportunity of the decade: Recreational and Medical Marijuana Sales. We are the Nation’s leading, fully integrated, full service management and consulting services provider to the marijuana sector.


The Big Tomato, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Monarch America, Inc., is a leading supplier of hydroponics & indoor gardening supplies for Denver, Colorado and the surrounding communities since May of 2001. The Big Tomato provides thousands of indoor gardeners and commercial growers with top quality hydroponic supplies at the best prices.


“At Monarch America, Inc., it is our mission and vision to be recognized as one of the nations’ premier, fully integrated cannabis management companies.”
Eric M. Hagen / CEO

Setting the standard of excellence for the marijuana industry

Monarch America brings sound management practice, operational systems and strict inventory control to the most exciting business opportunity of the decade: Recreational and medical marijuana sales.

Monarch America has been established to provide turnkey solutions, management and consulting services to the legal and regulated marijuana industry. While not directly engaged in the sale of marijuana, Monarch America offers the complete spectrum of capabilities that elevate the business of marijuana from the erratically stocked, sparsely staffed and managed, independent-store model to that of an efficient and consistently managed organization.

Currently a publicly traded company, Monarch America will oversee and manage all facets of retail operations, from property management, technology and equipment leasing to inventory control, staffing, and day-to-day operational management.

Revenue Streams
Cultivation management services

Our expierenced staff brings more than 75 years of experience in establishing, managing and expanding large-scale commercial growing within the cannabis industry.

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Retail Dispensary set up, training and consulting

Most state laws and their regulations demand that all retail dispensaries produce a majority of the marijuana they sell; and thus, a successful cultivation operation is the foundation of a successful retail operation. Monarch America has a high degree of expertise in planning, equipping and operating successful cultivation facilities and retail outlets.

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Management and retail associate training and staffing

Each Monarch staffed and trained facility ensures the highest level of customer service and efficiency. Each location’s retail managers are fully trained on Monarch America’s back-end technology systems, including payroll management, personnel scheduling, inventory control, and carefully managed and measured sales reporting.

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Product development and inventory control

Monarch America provides on-going maintenance of a central, state of the art cultivation facility, which will produce marijuana for sale in our clients facilities, providing proprietary branded marijuana products to contracted facilities and overseeing all aspects of cultivation and retail operations.

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Infused Products

The Company’s objective is to establish multiple product verticals with simple to manage and monitor systems and processes under license to future cultivation and dispensary facilities. We are a Turn-key solutions provider for proprietary lines of Mfused™ extracted oils, hash, food and beverage products, personal care and personal use accessory products.

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Turn-key Management and consulting services
“Tell us your needs and let’s get started.”
Cultivation – Retail Dispensaries – Product Licensing – Legal & Regulatory Licensing – Sourcing & Logistics – General Consulting

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Market Opportunity

A rapid growth industry

In 2014, the first recreational marijuana dispensaries opened in Colorado and Washington. The state of Washington issued its first retail license in March of 2014, with its first stores opening in June.

Recreational marijuana sales became legal in Colorado on January 1, 2014, and on the first day, dispensaries sold $5 million worth of smokable product.

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